Meet The Experts

Nancy Todd

As Co-Editor of The Spain Scoop, Nancy  has also written for  Lonely Planet Magazine, Metropolitan Magazine, Barcelona Connect, Ceramics Art and Technical, and online travel sites. Her first writing attempt was a play written in fourth grade: “Balls Under The Christmas Tree.” Performed in the family dining room, Daisy the Cat, gave it two yawns.

The thrill of riding a camel in the Sahara under a full moon, caving in Belize, and swing dancing on a quay on the Seine, pales to everyday life in Barcelona and Toulouse. Nancy now splits her time between the two cities. 

In the U.S., Nancy owned a management consulting business for fourteen years. She designed products for the gift industry, had a pottery studio, and adores her family. Nancy has not broken her addiction to the perfect Spanish dinner: a glass of white wine and hot patatas bravas. Nor does she plan to any time soon.

See an interview with Nancy at Expats Blog on her move to Spain here.

Regina Winkle-Bryan

Co-Editor with Nancy, Regina began the Scoop in 2008. Since 2005, Regina has been learning that Spain is more than bulls and flamenco. Did you know they have five national languages in Spain? Or that Llivia is a small Spanish village inserted in France? Yep. These small peculiarities have been the driving force behind her nonstop travel across the Iberian Peninsula and all its sweet little Islands. Spain: it’s different.

Regina works as a a freelance writer and has contributed to many print and online publications. You can see her portfolio here: She and her husband wrote Eat Guides: Barcelona, a guidebook to dining like a local in the city. It was first published in 2014.

See an interview with Regina at Expats Blog on her move to Spain here.


Many talented writers and travelers have contributed to The Spain Scoop. Meet a few who have dished savvy scoop:


Negu, The Blogdog                                                                                                                                                                    

As a native to Spain, Negu, The Blogdog, will bring an insider’s perspective to The Scoopette team. Her background includes being a stringer for The International Dog Tribune, The New York Dog Times, and Bark Magazine. We welcome her intelligence, acerbic wit, and ability to articulate the Spanish experience. Occasionally verbose and unpredictable, Negu will never be bland.  She will dish the dirt and have her nose to the ground for the latest scoop.


Fiona Flores Watson

Fiona is a journalist and blogger who is a dedicated feriante. Since arriving in Seville eight years ago, she has enjoyed the Seville Feria more and more each year – it’s a party where you can prowl the streets wearing a tight, frilly dress, stamp your feet and shake your booty all night long. She loves her rebujito, tries her best at dancing sevillanas, and can often be found quizzing locals about this year’s top Feria trends. She writes at Scribbler In Seville :


Cat Gaa

Upon receiving an offer to work at a radio news broadcast center in Chicago, Cat Gaa turned it down and turned up at the Consulate of Spain. She writes by night at Sunshine and Siestas about Sevilla – toros, tapas and just about everything else – while wrangling kids by day.




Linda Wainwright

Linda swapped the flat and damp vistas of the north-west coast of England for the distinctly warmer and hillier coast of south-east Tenerife in the Canary Islands over 25 years ago…and people still ask if she likes it here! Having squandered her youth, she embraced motherhood with open arms, and determined not to squander her third age once her nest emptied.

When not hunched over her laptop she is now to be found exploring the Canary Islands, preferably with camera in hand, looking for stories and landscapes to share. She blogs at



Robin Graham

Robin Graham lives in Tarifa. He writes about places and experiences in Spain, some as he says, ‘made up’; perfect for his site with the name:


Julie Sheridan

Julie made the move to Barcelona from her native Scotland in Spring 2011, after 10 years living under Scotch mist in Edinburgh. Out of an innate love of making things difficult for herself she deliberately chose a part of Spain where she knew no one and couldn’t speak the local language. Her blog focuses on the social and cultural differences between Scotland and Spain, Caledonia and Catalonia. Guiri girl in Barca is her site.

Lauren Aloise

Originally from small-town Massachusetts, Lauren always planned on trading cold, rural winters for the buzz of a big city. She lives happily in busy Madrid where she runs Madrid Food Tour and writes about travel and expat life at Spanish Sabores. She appreciates fantastic cuisine and the high quality ingredients found in any Spanish kitchen, and when not writing is surely out for a tapa and a glass of Spanish wine.



Christine Medina

Originally from Seattle, Washington, Christine was an expat in Andalucia for two years, and now lives in The Basque Country. She shares her travel advice, anecdotes and photographs on



Liz Pitt

Liz Pitt is a Wisconsinite who transplanted to Bilbao, Spain. You can check out her stories and photos on her blog,




Liz Carlson

Liz at the Mirador del Rio - Lanzarote

Liz of Young Adventuress lived in La Rioja for a few years before heading back to the USA. Her blog follows her global adventures. See more here: