Wild Wine Festival Plus 3 Tips To Save Your Sanity

Batalla del Vino, Haro, Spain. Remeber your goggles for this festival!

I love a good festival.  After watching the video on the famous Batalla del Vino (Wine Battle), I have decided I will watch the video and not have my automatic squirt gun nailing others and in turn getting drenched.  Liz Carlson, our expert from Logroño and the La Rioja region give us her take on the chaotic Batalla del Vino, the Wine Battle Festival.  June 29, 2012.

By Liz Carlson

Spain definitely has the edge when it comes to crazy festivals. From hurling tomatoes at strangers during la Tomatina, to running down narrow cobblestone streets with several thousand-pound bulls during San Fermín, to lighting giant paper mache puppets on fire during las Fallas, there is no shortage of wild celebrations to chose from.

However, I am lucky enough to have one of the best right in my own backyard here in La Rioja. Less from an hour from Logroño, there is a little town called Haro. Now, Haro is famous for its vineyards, and it has a lot of wineries, so it’s not hard to imagine what is involved during its Wine Festival at the end of June, and no, it’s not a simple wine tasting.

The Haro Wine Festival is famous for it wine fight (Batalla del Vino), literally a battle of wine is held, where thousands of people hurl 40,000 liters of red wine from buckets, bottles, squirt guns, pesticide sprayers, and any sort of container until everyone turns a deep shade of purple and is soaked from head to toe. The festival is in honor of Haro’s patron saint, San Pedro. Most people dress all in white, better to see the wine that way, with a red bandana tied around the neck. Everyone streams out early in the morning to Mount Bilibio by any means of transport possible-tractors, trucks, walking, and carrying as much wine as possible to the battle sight.

Jump headfirst into the moshpit of wet, purple bodies and get truly woken up with a bucket of red wine dumped over your head. Don’t get too tired because it is only the beginning of the festival. There are hours of bullfights, big meals, and parties in the streets to be had after the wine battle.

Tips:  1.  Bring goggles    2.  Put your camera in a waterproof bag   3.  Wear clothes you don’t mind getting ruined, or dyed purple!

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Liz writes Memoirs of a Young Adventuress which is about traveling and expat life abroad. Four years ago, she said goodbye to the freezing cold New England winters and hola to sunny warm Spain, and hasn’t looked back. Unsatisfied living in the same place for too long, she has called several cities in Spain home, from Salamanca to Madrid, Córdoba and Málaga, and now Logroño.

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