What To Pack For a Spanish Spring Fling

Christine on packing for an Andalusian spring.

By Christine Medina

Springtime in Andalusia is my favorite time of the year. The weather is just-right for sunbathing at the beach, walking around sans jacket and splurging on the occasional gelato, but without the stifling heat and thick crowds that summertime brings. I often get asked by soon-to-be in Spain travelers what I recommend wearing for a trip down south. This is what I tell them:

1.  Layers, Layers, Layers

Though the daytime is warm and sunny, the evening can still tend toward cooler temperatures. The key is to pack layers: cardigans to throw over tanks and tees, sweaters and light jackets that you can tote around with ease, and pants to balance out shorts and dresses. Blazers are not only entirely on trend for spring, they’re also a practical choice that’s worth the space in your suitcase.

Layers are key for springtime in Southern Spain

2.  Accessorize

Pack light, but bring accessories. From chic scarves to beach-ready hats or statement jewelry, accessories help change up your look without the added bulk of extra fabric in your suitcase that an extra outfit would give you.

I love the versatility of scarves and include them in my luggage every time I travel. They double as a wrap or pillow on air-conditioned buses and planes.

Jeans and sandals will work for your spring look in Southern Spain

3.  Flexible Footwear

Spring in southern Spain is a perfect time to break out your sandals. Though Spaniards tend to reserve flip-flops for the beach–so pack your nice leather sandals, or even better, wait to buy some while you’re in Spain! There’s no shortage of high-quality leather shoes and sandals here at decent prices.

Though your feet might need more support for a day of sight-seeing than sandals can provide, they’re always my go-to shoe in warm weather.

4.  Legs Bare, Arms Covered or Arms Bare, Legs Covered

My general rule-of-thumb to ensure I’m never too hot or cold in the spring is to pair jeans with a tank or t-shirt, and shorts/skirt with a long-sleeved top or sweater.

Bring cute spring and summer dresses as well as a sweater

Here is what to expect with the weather for spring in southern Spain.  March and April temps will range from average highs of 68°F/20°C and average lows of 48°F/9°C.  May will usher in much warmer weather. The average maximum temperature in May ranges from 73°F/23°C to average minimum temperatures of 55°F/13°C.

June in most parts of Andalusia, will see average maximum temperatures in June of 81°F/27°C and average minimum temperatures of 63°F/17°C.  A great resource while traveling is swackett.com. It tells you not only the weather forecast, but what to wear as well. This is essential for trip-planning!

Christine Medina, originally from Seattle, Washington, shares her travel advice, anecdotes and photographs at http://www.christineinspain.com/

2 Responses

  1. Cat says:

    Couldn’t agree more with you, C! I came to work with boots, medias, a t-shirt, skirt, blazer and light jacket. You can guess what I’m in now!!

    Oh, and the shots are adorable!

  2. nancy todd says:

    Me? Half a suitcase of scarves. One skirt. One pair of pants. Four tops. Good to go for six weeks in Europe.

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