Decadent Pigeons, Part 2 – Barcelona Arts

By Nancy Todd

Barcelona arts can be boring, uplifting, inspiring, provocative.  I am still trying to figure out the Decadent Pigeons installation by internationally known artists Joachim Van Den Hurk and Lisa Klappe.



Barcelona Arts - Neon by Joachim Van Den Hurk


To me, good art should provoke, whether I like it or not.  If  I walk by art with a yawn and eyes dulled over, no cigar.  If art moves my heart, has me disgusted, questioning, or awed, it has done it’s job as art.  The Decadent Pigeons Installation provokes, at the very least.

Lisa’s photographs are lined up and printed on aluminum panels four feet high.  Her stark  human figures look like pigeons.  One photo of a nude woman sucking on a pigeon feather with blood dripping out of her mouth,  is to symbolize, in part, how we don’t know what we are eating these days.  I didn’t have to look at that photo to know that.

Barcelona Arts with Gonzolo and Dana. Photo by Lisa Klappe

Van Den Hurk’s ten foot high double neon images of a pigeon play with shapes as you walk around it.  Yes, I would want this piece in my foyer.    His live pigeons, in a cage thank god, have their shadows cast on the wall by simple yet effective lighting making them much bigger than life.   That is scary.

Over all the show is well intended, balanced in it’s presentation (especially in the odd “L” shaped gallery), and diverse in medium.  Check it out.  Let The Scoop know your opinions on pigeons in general and on this bizarre installation.  For more on the show,

Exhibition Hall:  Fort Pienc,  Street:  Ribes, 14, Barcelona

Dates: Till the end of September then on to Amsterdam.

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