The Scoop Interviews (no. 18): Travels Of Adam

Adam in the Duomo in Florence.

Interview by Nancy Todd

Another travel blogger quits his day job and takes a life changing journey for 15 months around the world.  The Scoopettes love Travels of Adam which Adam defines as a “…hipster travel and lifestyle blog.”    Adam Groffman writes about apps, cool cultural stuff , gay bars, how to get papers in Germany, transportation, festivals and fun.  And, a whole lot more.

1. Love your definition as a hipster! When did you know you were a hipster?

Well, I pretty much always hated stereotypes and labels, but “hipster” was the one I always self-applied. I’ve been calling myself a hipster since some point in college—when I started listening to hipster music and shopping at more fashionable clothing stores. And that’s when I developed an obsession with Brooklyn.

2. Why did you decide to start your site? What is the most popular part of Travels of Adam?

I started my site just before my round-the-world trip. I wanted to learn new skills and practice my web design. The most popular features on my travel blog are probably the “Hipster City Guides.” I tend to publish these just for the cities I feel I’ve spent enough time in to write authoritatively.

3. You have traveled in Catalonia. What places did you like the best in Catalonia? What other places do you plan to visit in Spain?

I visited Catalonia back in May but have been to Barcelona several other times. I was pretty interested in the region because I never knew much about it except for Barcelona.

I really love the region because there is so much to do, but then the big cities are also nearby. I stayed in a beautiful design hotel in downtown Barcelona, Hotel Claris, but also enjoyed days out in the wilderness—whether stargazing or bird-watching!

4. What were your fav foods when you were in Spain?

One of the best things I tried while in Catalonia were Calçots. They’re a green onion grown in the region and Catalonia is famous for them. They’re traditionally cooked over a wood-fire grill and served with a delicious sauce. Ever since trying them in Spain I’ve been a bit obsessed with culinary tours and foodie destinations. Shortly after visiting Catlonia I visited Italy and quickly made the trip into a food-journey. I did everything from searching for the best pizza, the best gelato and even a whole day on a food tour in Rome! (which I highly recommend!!)

5. How do you see the future of the internet changing and what do you think will be its affect on the world of travel?

As a big fan of social media, I see a lot of potential for the online travel world to become even more social. It’s an exciting time to be involved in online publishing and at the pace of change happening online, it’s bound to never be boring.

You can find more about Adam here:

Twitter:   @travelsofadam

Adam loved his Rome Food Tour: or it’s also

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