Walking Seminars In Madrid, Spain

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Almudena Standing Where the Nuns Sell Sweets

By Nancy Todd

Me?  In a tour group?  Never.  However, I have changed my mind since learning about Context, an unusual business that designs  walking seminars  specifically for the intellectually curious individual or group no larger than six.

What you won’t find:  shrill tour leaders, sparring orange umbrellas, superficial info, and  feeling like a herded goat.   

What you will discover:  art historians, architects, and other specialists, giving you  in-depth info that is not in the guide books.  You will discover docents who know the nuances of  a medieval lane, the history of a Goya or Picasso,  info on layers of ancient ruins, and where to stop for the best hot chocolate.

in madrid

Plaza Major – Madrid

Almudena Cros was my docent in Madrid. She inquired as to my interests as a journalist, and designed a walking seminar of Madrid that I wished could  have lasted for days.  In addition to being  charming, Almu knew where the hidden nuns sold sweets from behind a door in their convent, unusual facts about Picasso’s Guernica,  where to buy Madrono liquor and the best tapas.  Confused by the royal dynasties in Spain, Almu unraveled their history for me with diagrams and pictures of the staunch royals.  Almu is typical of docents Context arranges in Venice, New York, London;  altogether a total of 12 cities.

Founded by Lani and Paul Bennett, Context has won the Conde Naste Top Travel Specialist Award for 2010.  Whatever your interest:  cuisine, art history, archeology, environmental science, literature, etc.,  the cultural heritage of their walking seminars brings the spirit of a city alive.

Context tours graciously invited The Spain Scoop to experience their tour free of charge.  We are grateful for the invite.


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  1. Posted January 23, 2011 at 3:44 am | Permalink

    Walking Seminar? Now that sounds interesting, especially for anyone travelling to Europe.

  2. admin
    Posted January 23, 2011 at 12:13 pm | Permalink

    hi madrid guy, thanks for writing! do you have guided tours also? nancy

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