Three Great Pintxos Bars – Tapas of San Sebastian

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By Nancy Todd

Pintxos, pronounced: “peech-ohs,” are delectable little appetizers, or tapas, made in Basque Country which is known for their excellent cuisine, some saying that it is the best in Spain.   When Bev, my friend visiting from the States, and I went to San Sebastian we ate pintxos for lunch, for a five o’clock snack, and again at dinner.  And, pintxos for dessertRestaurants create unique pintxos, so in San Sebastian you have your choice of hundreds of pintxos.

San Sebastian Pintxos

San Sebastian Pintxos

These delicious pieces of art are made of several layers stacked on a small slice of bread.  The bars and restaurants line up plates of assorted pintxos and you snarf down more than you think you could ever eat.  They range from 1.50 – 2.00 euros, the food bargain of Spain.  The Basque people have their own language with words spelled with lots of x’s, z’s, and take great pride in their individuality, heritage, and cuisine. Matador Travel has more on San Sebastian.

You can find delicious pintxos all around San Sebastian.  A neighborhood that is packed with bars is La Parte Vieja, the Old Part.  Car free, it is a great place to meander on narrow streets that preserve their original medieval street plan.  Bev and I liked to bar-hop, sampling a couple of pintxos here, a couple of pintxos there, and of course a glass of wine here and a glass of wine there.  In one bar, two pintxos with wine was 4.10 euros.  Here are some of our favorite pintxos:

Bev and Nancy at a Pintxos Bar, San Sebastian

Bev and Nancy at a Pintxos Bar, San Sebastian

__A cylinder of rice with squid ink, topped with a tiny, fried partridge egg with two strips of red pepper on top.

–Looking like a surreal Dali painting, fried cod with a green pepper and a top layer with a sprawling tiny squid, legs askew.

–Squiggly baby eels cresting a layer of burgandy ham with a slice of eggplant.

Here is the Scoop on great tapas bars in San Sebastian:

Bar Iturrox, San Martin, 30

Txoko, Mari, 12

Antonio Bar, Bergara, 3

Let The Scoop know where you have found great tapas in Spain.

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  3. S Lloyd says:

    What’s the best time to lunch / dine at those pintxos bars if I want to avoid the peak times? Thanks

  4. admin says:

    Early lunch and early dinner. 12noon and 7pm…

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