Sunny, Romantic Sitges

sunny romantic sitges

By Nancy Todd               Comments by The Blogdog

Want sun? Sitges, with 300 sunny days a year, is your hot spot. Located a shell’s throw from Barcelona on the Mediterranean Sea, this old fishing village retains its small town ambiance. Sometimes, Regina and I just want to get the hell out of noisy Barcelona and be where it is quiet and calm.  We also love to take guests to Sitges.

romantic sitges

Romantic Sitges

In addition to new construction, gay-friendly Sitges has retained its allure of cobbled lanes and white stucco buildings with cobalt blue doors.  Magenta flowers tumble off balconies.  Colorful tiles form street signs and many of the streets are pedestrian only.

romantic sitges

There are a total of fifteen long beaches minus cumbersome rocks, the nude beach being at the northern end of Sitges.  An esplanade follows the crescent of the harbor perfect for jogging, cycling, and lingering. Chiringuitos are dot the beach complete with sangria, fried squid, and the ever necessary bathroom.

St Bartholomeu Church is a beauty and the view from there is the best in the city.  Two museums, art galleries, and good shopping add to the entertainment.Sitges is also know for The International Film Festival, Carnival, The International Jazz Festival, etc.To add to one’s meandering, it is a quick drive to the Penedes wine region and tour of wineries.

Rossingnol, a famous Catalan painter, who was addicted to opium, made his home here.  He hung out with Picasso and the boys and is loved by Catalans.

romantic sitges

The easiest way to get to  romantic Sitges from Barcelona is by the train, RENFE. You will cruise along the rocky coast of the Mediterranean and dart through tunnels.   In about forty minutes, hop off the train, cross a street and you are in the heart of the old city.  Meander another four blocks, and the tourquoise blue of the Sea will greet you.  Paella is popular in the dozens of resturant that line the sea.  I can’t wait to go back.

Comments by The Blogdog:  “Oh, darling, I just love looking at those gorgeous men in their bikinis.”



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