The Scoop’s Hotel Picks: Seville

Tilework In Seville

By Nancy Todd

Leave your watch in your hotel room. You are in Southern Spain and time doesn’t matter. Linger to listen to laughter and street musicians. Taste tapas. Take time to see beautiful hand painted wall tiles. Our Seville hotel Scoop puts you in the heart of delighting your senses. All prices vary with the season, etc.

1.  Hotel Alfonso XIII**** – Lavish with large stone arches and beautiful tile work in the Moorish style.Garden, great palm trees, bar, restaurant, fitness center.

2.  Hotel Regina***–  Located near Parque de la Cartula. Lovely patio. In the center of the City.  Inquire about construction nearby.  Close to public transportation.

3.  Hotel Amadeus**– Eighteenth century manor house. Fourteen rooms. Beautiful Moorish architectural influence.  You will feel like the Moors did in the 1400’s before Queen Isabel kicked them outta Spain. This is a chance to feel like a king and

4.  Hotel Zaida* – Rennovated Moor palace from the 1700’s. Courtyard with wicker chairs.Quiet street. Recently renovated.  Courtyards are common in southern Spain.  Take advantage of their beauty and coolness.  A different lifestle is

5.  Hotel un patio Al Sur – Great location, quiet street but near the bustle of the city.Newly renovated with clean modern lines and Ikea creeping in.Very helpful staff. Basic and very clean, another lovely courtyard.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this list of hotels. I am a traveling to Spain and looking for hotels. Its a great help…….

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