The Scoop Interviews (no. 20): Melvin From Traveldudes

Interview by Nancy Todd

Melvin’s site, Traveldudes, is a big community of people sharing inside tips, info about accommodations, and funny travel experiences.  As Melvin states, “For travelers, by travelers.”  You can write your own travel tips by joining the community. 

1. Where are you from? When did you develop your love of travel and where did you go on your first trip?

I’m from Cologne, Germany and pretty much lived there all my life with a few breaks in between.   When I lived in the UK and in the USA, my first big trip was when I was 4 years old. My parents took me on a road trip from the US East coast to the West coast. From there on I traveled at least once a year abroad.

2. If you had to decide between La Tomatina Festival, (the tomato fight ) or Running With The Bulls Festival, which would you choose?

That’s not a fair question. :) I’ve been to Arcos de la Frontera and saw the bulls run through the streets. It really gets your adrenaline high. But, we weren’t going to run,  as I know how the bulls end – they die. If it would be just the running, which is not too fair, then I would head there. But after the run, the bulls should get go to a meadow and relax.

I haven’t been to La Tomatina, but read many blog posts about it. Everyone says it hurts quite a bit to get hit or to have the tomato juice in your eyes.  Everybody still liked it and had fun. Is it cool to throw around with food?  I wonder about that.   I guess as I’ve seen the bulls, I would like to experience getting smashed by tomatoes.

3. What are the most favorite places you have traveled to in Spain?

I love Spain in general. I’ve been many times to Andalucia and love the region up north from Tarifa.  I also loved my recent visits to the Costa Brava, which has so much to offer. Valencia surprised me as well and I would like to head back there. The Atlantic coast is still a region I would like to explore more and guess what?  I’ve been dozens of times to Spain, but never to Barcelona or Madrid!

4. Love how your site is free to all and has the voices of real travelers. What do you envision for Traveldudes in the future?

I’ve still got plenty of ideas for it. Right now I’ve started working on a complete new version. I’ve started as a private site and it just grew from there. I’ve never wanted it too commercial and I want to keep it that way. The idea of the site is to encourage people to travel independently and not just stay in their all inclusive resorts. The potential for the site is huge and I think I have a good touch and feeling about where to go.

5. What is one thing you will not travel without?

An adapter! I’ve seen that many answer a question like that (and I did answer it as well like that before) with “smartphone”, “laptop”, “camera” etc. But hey… how long does your device work with your battery? So there is no trip without it!  with it, I would bring my camera, smartphone and laptop, sunglasses and flip flops. :)

Ok, readers, what is one thing you would not travel without?

2 Responses

  1. Cat says:

    I was fortunate enough to meet Melvin at a conference last year, and loved his ideas for community and sharing with other travelers. Here’s another share: the Toro de Aleluya, the festival he references in Arcos, is held on Easter Sunday every year, and is loads of fun. Everyone drinks mimosas pre-toro release, and then the main square in town turns into a gigantic party. Arcos is very close to Jerez, and there are buses from Cadiz and Seville as well. Lovely village!

  2. admin says:

    Yes, I echo your comments. Full of energy and giving. Thanks for the tips on Arcos. Did you go and drink mimosas?

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