The Scoop Interviews (no. 12): Abigail King – Writer, Photographer

Abigail King writes Inside The Travel Lab.

Tapping into her childhood passion of writing, Abigail King is a freelance journalist and photographer.  Shifting from a career as a doctor, she is now a word doctor and has  been published in The Huffington Post, BBC, National Geographic, etc.  From her village near Seville, Abi travels the world.  She states on her website, Inside The Travel Lab, “I’ve always loved how travel inspires me to think about life in a different way and I decided to create a site that encourages other people to do the same.”  The Scoopettes, Regina and Nancy, couldn’t agree more.  All photos in this post by Abigail King.

Interview by Nancy Todd

1. You were a doctor. When did you start writing and what motivates you to sit at your computer and bang away?

Well, in typical writerly fashion, I started writing pretty much as soon as I learned how to write. I wrote stories and poems at school before my hours as a doctor made it impossible to keep up. I’ve been writing full-time now for almost four years and, to be honest, I actually need to make myself step away from the keyboard.


Detail of ceramics at Maria Luisa Park in Seville.

2. You write for many well known publications like CNN, Lonely Planet, etc. What keeps you writing on your blog which by the way The Scoopettes love to read?

Thank you for the kind words! I keep writing there because it’s the one place where I have complete freedom. I can write about things I see in the world that I know would never sell and I can write in my own style about whatever I want. It’s incredibly liberating. The last few years have also seen a huge shift in the publishing world and having a presence in blogging and social media has opened up some very exciting doors.

3. How do you see the internet changing what you do in the future?

I think we’ll see a new type of “broadcaster” become prominent over the next few years. Currently, we have writers, photographers, TV presenters and radio presenters but I believe that “digital presenters” will soon be added to that list. The internet creates opportunities for people who can write quickly, take great photographs on the road, create video clips and podcasts and upload it all before they’ve even left a destination. So I think that as a travel writer, I will have to brush up on all my skills in those areas!

Seville Street Scene

4. What places in Spain do you think are overlooked and that people should see?

Jerez de la Frontera and Mérida in the south are often overlooked. And Girona in the north often gets forgotten because Barcelona is so close by.

5. What are you reading now? What type of books are your favorites?

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy in the light of the recent film release and my trip back and forth across the former iron curtain. I love to read fiction based in the place I’m visiting, so when it comes to books on Spain I’d recommend The Shadow of the Wind and The Seville Communion.

Abigail King writes about unusual journeys on her award-winning blog Inside the Travel Lab and tweets, facespaces and pins away on a variety of social media networks. Find her on twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and YouTube.

Abi also writes for Cheap Weekend Breaks –

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