The Scoop: Events In Spain – April, 2012

By Nancy Todd

The Scoopettes remind you of  extraordinary Easter processions of  Semana Santa in Granada, Madrid, Barcelona, and Seville.  Many places in Spain had a tough winter of cold, rain and snow.  We will be out in some of Spain’s parks celebrating the warmth of Spring in our bones.  Here is The April Scoop for events in Spain.  Come onnnnnnnnnnn Spring.

Spring in Spain

l.  Be mystified by Semana Santa (Easter) – Wherever you may be in Spain in April, ask where and when in your location, the famous Semana Santa processions will be held.   From villages to metropolitan areas,  glorious spectacles await.  During  Easter week in Seville and Vallodolid, elaborate Baroque statues are carried through the streets.  Twenty thousand drums play in Hellin (Alecete Province).  Thousands of people sing the salve to the Virgin Mary in Catagena.  Gregorian chants in Samora create a meditative atmosphere for night processions.

2.  Stroll, paddle, smell the roses, swing on a swing. Slip away from chaotic Madrid and head to over 250 acres of green.  The Glass Palace, a lake with boats to rent, playgrounds, tennis, and music await.  A rarity in Spain.   Then head to the Chueca neighborhood and eat tapas.    One of our favorite travel sites, Matador Travel has more on Retiro Park - Madrid.

3.  Row, look at art, eat ice cream.   The Fine Arts Museum borders the park.  A perfect combo of art and nature.  Relax in a boat next to the ducks, people watch and stoll meandering paths.  An old merry go round and Chilleda sculpture add to the diversity.  I loved being in this park and again was reminded that Bilboa is more than the Guggenheim Museum.  Fine Arts Museum, Dona Casilda Park,  Bilboa.   Regina has more Scoop on Bilboa.

events in spain seville

Plaza Espana, Seville - Maria Luisa Park

4. Photograph, enjoy the shade, ride a bike. Take your pick of many parks in SevilleParque de las Delicias, meaning Garden of Delights, is great for picnicing along the banks of the Guadalquivar River.  Murillo Park, next to the Alcazar has lots of flowers, palms, and ceramics.    With sculptures and palms, Maria Luisa Park, was orginally built as a romantic garden for the Palace of San Telmo.   Plaza Espana is here with colorful ceramic balusters and weirdo starkness.

5.  Play football, picnic,  go to the Arts and Science Center.  Due to a flood in in 1957, the river was diverted and in it’s place a 500 acre park was born.  Smart move by the city fathers.    Divided into 12 sections, the park includes sports facilities, Moorish type gardens, cycling paths, etc.  Santiago Calatrava’s famous Arts and Science Center is here and is an architectural “wow”.  Turia Gardens, Valencia.
Let The Spain Scoop know what you like to do in Spring in Spain.

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  1. admin
    Posted January 23, 2011 at 12:21 pm | Permalink

    thanks for letting us know. we are working on it! nancy

  2. Enrique
    Posted February 26, 2011 at 1:49 pm | Permalink

    Great ideas for eastern!

    Wouldn’t go for tapas in Chueca, there’s more going on there at night.

    By the way, nice pictures.

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