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Teterias, Granada Restaurants

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By Nancy Todd                                                                          Comments by:  Negu, The Blogdog

I stepped off the plane in Granada, mid July, to a boiling heat of 114 degrees.  I quickly learned how to navigate the city in the heat by staying in my air conditioned hotel between two and five, and sauntering the back lanes of the Albaicin neighborhood.

In the Albaicin neighborhood, classic mint tea is served throughout the day as it is in North Africa in homes and in businesses.   After sampling the mint tea, I ordered tea with rose petals and lavender.  It arrived in a chubby, silver tea pot and was served in small, etched glasses. 

granada restaurants

The tradition is that you drink three glasses; each one a slightly stronger flavor. So why teterias?  Because they are also restaurants and service is usually fast.   And, free crepes are offered in some of the Granada restaurants.  Salads, desserts, yogurt shakes are also on the menu.   Silk pillows, low marketry tables, and stained glass lighting create a soft, relaxing ambiance

Students, North Africans, people from Granada, and tourists  rest in these serene Granada restaurants. I love the confluence of cultures. This is really what our world is about.  The merging of all.

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Negu, The Blogdog:   “I do love lounging and looking sexy on those silk pillows in the teterias.  They also make great chew toys.”


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