Get Your Copy Of Eat Guides: Barcelona

Get Eat Guides: Barcelona on your e-reader

Get Eat Guides: Barcelona on your e-reader

By Regina Winkle-Bryan

Wow, publishing a book takes a really long time.

We’ve learned a lot creating Eat Guides: Barcelona, our first of the Eat Guides series in Spain. Blood (paper cuts), sweat, and tears….and many good meals later, Eat Guides is ready to zip into your Kindles courtesy of Amazon!

Buy the guidebook here: Amazon


Don’t have a Kindle? Like to feel paper between your fingers? Me too sometimes. Try the PDF version of Eat Guides: Barcelona, which you can buy here on and then print. You can print it all, or print just the pages you plan to take with you on your trip to Barcelona. You can also read the PDF version on any laptop/PC/Mac.

Eat Guides: Barcelona is now on sale!

So what’s Eat Guides: Barcelona all about, anyway?

Eat Guides: Barcelona is about good food. Too often travelers in Barcelona end up at mediocre restaurants eating overpriced meals. As locals living in the city, we’ve been there, and wanted to do something about it. Eat Guides: Barcelona features forty of our favorite places, spotlighting eateries and bars we have tried and tested many times. We’re not food snobs. We’re not chefs. We’re two people who love to eat and drink. We rarely order a glass, preferring the bottle. We always get appetizers. Often, we’re the last table to leave.


Eat Guides Authors

Our aim is to offer a little something for everyone. We cover high-end venues with the same affection as the cheapo mom-and-pop joint. The majority of our recommendations are affordable restaurants for the average traveling Joe. We focus on regional Spanish and Catalan restaurants in our guide, but you’ll also find international options serving Japanese, Indian, Thai, American, Italian, and more. We know what a drag it can be to travel with food allergies or as a vegetarian, so we’ve selected a few spots that cater to these folks, too. We believe that everyone deserves to eat well, no matter your budget, restrictions, or beliefs.

Our guide is informal and personal, offering more than a blurb and a street address. These are our experiences and our stories from chowing down in Barcelona. We hope they give you insight to our lives here, while inspiring you to taste and savor all the Catalan capital has to offer.


Find Barcelona's best tapas bars.

Find Barcelona’s best tapas bars.

What’s in the guidebook?


What you get for $4.99 (what a bargain!):

  • 40 excellent spots to eat and drink in Barcelona.
  • Maps with restaurant listings.
  • Photos of food, restaurants, experiences, and us!
  • Pricing information on bars and restaurants.
  • Addresses & opening times.
  • Tips on food culture in Spain.
  • Suggestions on shopping Barcelona’s markets.
  • Where to go on foodie tours & day-trips.
  • Food & drink festivals held annually in Barcelona.
  • Glossary of food words in Spanish & Catalan.
  • Stories about our lives here, and where we love to eat!
Discover Barcelona's best dessert spots.

Discover Barcelona’s best dessert spots.

Can we ask you a favor?

If you buy Eat Guides: Barcelona (and you SHOULD!) then leave us a review on Amazon. We’d love the feedback, and since we’ve just launched there aren’t many reviews up yet. Yours might be the first. How exciting!

You can also send us feedback, comments, questions, etc over on Twitter or Facebook or on the website. Or just leave us a comment below, it’s all good!

Learn where the locals drink excellent Spanish wine

Learn where the locals drink excellent Spanish wine.


We promised more than Amazon, and let’s face it, not everyone is an Amazon fan…Eventually the guide will also be out on GooglePlay, Nook, Kobo, PagePusher, iBooks, Scribed, Copia, Gardners Books, Baker & Taylor, and eSentral. There’s been a little delay that has something to do with deciding not to work with, which was a mind-numbing experience. More on that some other day, in some other post, when enough time has passed for it all to be ‘funny’.

For now just know that Nook, Kobo, PagePusher, iBooks, Scribed, Copia, Gardners Books, Baker & Taylor, and eSentral are all on the way, but we’re starting out with Amazon. We’ll also let you know when there’s a paperback version available.

See your Amazon option below:

Or if you’re based somewhere else check your own version of Amazon, as we’re all over the place!


Eat Guides takes you to tapas in Barcelona.

Thanks for your patience and supporting Eat Guides.

Now let’s eat!


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  1. Congratulations!! Wishing you guys loads of success!
    Cat SunshineSiestas recently posted…Tapa Thursdays: NazcaMy Profile

  2. Kirsten Carpentier says:

    Congratulations!! Can’t wait to eat more meals in the places your recommend! May this book be just the beginning of many more successful Eat Guides!!

  3. Anne says:

    Looks great. Makes me want to hop on a plane to Barcelona right now!!

  4. admin says:

    Thanks so much Anne!

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