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San Sebastian – Most Beautiful City In Spain?

Sophisticated San Sebastian has a two mile long beach on the Bay of La Concha...
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Is It A Flying Waffle? Metropol Parosol, Seville

Is it a flying waffle? A hat worn to the royal wedding? No, it's the soaring Metropol Parosol...
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How To Make My Mother-in-law’s Paella Valenciana – Part 3

Zach is back! Our guest writer from Valencia gives final tips in making Valencians Paella like a pro. Part 1 and Part 2 are on The Spain Scoop.
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How To Make My Mother-in-law’s Valencian Paella (Part 1)

Finally, mysteries revealed: how to make my Mother-in-law's famous Spanish paella, “Paella Valenciana." Perhaps it comes from being a Texan who lives in the city of Valencia, but I sometimes think the Spanish paella culture is like BBQ culture back home.
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Windswept Tarifa Holidays

Beautiful, blustery Tarifa. Perched on the southernmost point of continental Spain, Tenerife tourism ...
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Photo Friday! Where In Spain Is This?

Onward with Photo Friday for the month of September. Fountains draw people. I used to live on Plaza La Torre in Barcelona, and the dogs headed right to the fountain. I saw a few people fill plastic jugs to take water home. Where in Spain is this?
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Photo Friday! Where In Spain Is This?

They cool, gurgle, soothe, and clink to the sound of lucky coins. You will see many fountains as you travel in Spain. Peaceful fountains, he theme for Photo Friday for this month. Most fountains did not start out to be glamorous but as places to bathe, wash clothes, and fill pottery jugs with water
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Mitte Bar/Art Gallery-Barcelona Arts

Mitte is one of the most attractive bars in Barcelona and a new addition to the Barcelona arts scene. It's minimal, sleek, and eclectic with it's old marble tables and diversity of cool chairs
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Like Old Books? Bountiful Bookstalls In Madrid

Meandering Madrid, I stumbled upon a lineup of gray, wooden little houses. Victorian in design, they are fronted... .
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Whazzup With The Bear? A Madrid Attraction

Motorcycles scream through the streets. People spill out of bars laughing loudly... . The Bear, Madrid Attraction
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Orange Tree Capitol of Spain: Welcome to Seville!

Thousands of Seville orange trees embellish the city. That means millions of orange blossoms enchant you in the spring.
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