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Find the pink almond blossoms on Tenerife

Why You Need Tenerife Island This Winter!

By Linda Wainwright Europeans have been wintering in the Canary Islands since the 19th century. With the evolution of package holidays in the 1960s tourism began to thrive, and these days, come October, they...

andalucia white villages

White Village Of Andalucia: Vejer De La Frontera

Visit one of Spain’s stunning white villages. Spend a day wandering the cobblestones in Vejer De La Frontera, a traditional Andalusian ‘pueblo blanco’ that’s been ruled by Phoenicians, Romans, Moors. and Christians.

Barlife in Cadiz

I’m Waiting – Bar Life in Cadiz

The people either side of me are grinning. The barman is laughing. I had already been waiting here for some time, hemmed in on all sides by the tell-tale, claustrophobic crush of any Spanish bar that has earned its stripes with a local clientele