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Calpe: A Resort Town With Character On The Costa Blanca

Ready to hit the beach and swim in the Med? Calpe awaits....
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Sevilla’s Alcazar Gets Another Chance

A second visit to the Alcazar in Seville, Spain. This Scoopette realizes that Seville is more....
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Aire de Seville, Arabic Bathhouse Seduction

Basking in a spa can be a luxiourous experience. However, relaxing in a 16th century...
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Sherry, Horses, and Polka Dots in Jerez

Elegant Andalucian horses, music, and swirling polka dot dresses fill the dusty streets of Jerez...
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Photo Scoops (no.8): Nerja, Andalusia – More Than Malaga

My first experience in Malaga was a bit of a let-down. All the fish and chips and Irish bars...
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Get Ready to Weep – Flamenco Festival in Jerez 2012

The scoop on good flamenco is: go south, or at least get out of Catalunya. There are fabulous flamenco fests...
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The Two Minute Take: Seville, Spain!

This week The Scoop is running around the streets of Seville, Spain.
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Photo Friday – Where In Spain Is This?

Some hints: It's in the south of Spain, waaaaaay south. It's known for being windy and therefore, popular with windsurfers. It's very 'hippy'; lots of vans and long hair along these city streets.
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Photo Friday. Where in Spain Is This?

Ole! This southern Spanish city is one of the most popular when it comes to tourism on the Iberian Peninsula...known for dance and guitar, this fabulous city could be called 'City of Orange Trees'.
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