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Photo Scoop (no. 20): Gorgeous Granada Doors

What is there about doors that fascinates me? I don't have the answer. What I do know is...
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Photo Scoop (no. 19): Hondarribia – Can’t Pronounce It, Sure Loved It

Fun advice on small town in Basque Country...
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Photo Scoop (no. 17): Jeremiah Cothren, Barcelona

The Scoop is proud to have Jeremiah Cothren as a visiting photographer...
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No Car Needed: The Train To Vic, Or, Why I Was Wrong Yet Again

For the first few years I lived in Catalonia I poo-poohed Vic, thinking it to be nothing more than some farming town, and since I grew up in a farming town, I had little interest...
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Photo Scoop Of The Month ( No. 6): The Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

Twice a month, The Scoopettes bring you Photo Scoop, a photo essay on things we love about Spain. This month, I herald Frank Gehry, American architect extrordinare, who I have followed for year. Whether I like his work or not, I love that he is daring, exciting, in your face, and one of the most creative architects of our day.
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