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Should You Learn Catalan?

Should you learn Catalan? Or is it okay to live in Catalonia and just speak Spanish and English?
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The Past, Present, and Future: Learning Catalan Part III

This week we've learned not only the past (vaig + infinitive, estava, i molta mes!), but how to talk about the here and now, and also the future. Luckily, the tenses are fairly similar to Spanish....it's the verbs and how to pronounce them that gets me stuttering and turning red.
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Say What? Learning Catalan Part II

There are a lot of similarities between Catalan and Spanish, but they are by no means the same language. Some of the verbs are the same, but a lot is different. Catalan, like English or French, is not a straight-forward language. Many vowels have multiple sound possibilities, many letters are not pronounced at all! This makes learning Catalan F-U-N!....not.
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Learning Catalan: Part I

So why learn Catalan if you speak Spanish? Because in my opinion, language is one of the best ways to learn about a culture.
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