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7 Don’t Do Its – Southern Spain

Insider tips for travel in Southern Spain...
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No Car Needed (no. 4): Seville To Cádiz

Sometimes it is good to chill by taking a day trip to an uncomplicated city. Seville to Cádiz...
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Crazy Carnival In Cadiz

A band at Carnivale. Spain loves a good party, no matter how big or small. Carnival in Cadiz is one huge, noisey party that goes on for 10 days. Our guest writer...
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The Scoop Interviews (No. 4): Robin Graham, Blogger, A Lot Of Wind

The Scoop Interviews Robin Graham, writer extroidnaire, who lives in Cadiz...
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I’m Waiting – Bar Life in Cadiz

The people either side of me are grinning. The barman is laughing. I had already been waiting here for some time, hemmed in on all sides by the tell-tale, claustrophobic crush of any Spanish bar that has earned its stripes with a local clientele
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