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The Scoop Interviews (no. 9): Michael Eaude, author

London born and living in Gibraltar as a child, Michael Eaude continues to cultivate roots of his near- Spanish heritage...
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The Scoop Interviews (no. 2): JJ and Rod Younger, Bookstore Owners, Books4Spain

With a passion for books, authors, and their readers, JJ The Cat and Rod Younger manage the huge task of owning a bookstore in Malaga. Of course, a passion for Spain is in the mix as their entire store embraces books about Spain.
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Like Old Books? Bountiful Bookstalls In Madrid

Meandering Madrid, I stumbled upon a lineup of gray, wooden little houses. Victorian in design, they are fronted... .
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Links We Love – Useful Blogs, Sites, and Guides to Travel In Spain!

So many great web sites, so little time. However, we keep reading and reading...
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