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Weirdest Fruit of 2011 – Smugglers Slip On Bananas

By Nancy Todd                 Comments by:   The Blog Dog The Scoopettes bring you our favorite posts of 2011.  With over 390 posts and counting, The Spain Scoop selected these posts with a Scoopometer rating of  10. You wander into a fruit, veggie store in Spain.  It could be your small, friendly vendor, a grocery store, or one […]
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Magical Nights In Spain

Night walks in the medieval neighborhoods of Spain are magical...
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Weird Easter Processions – Info On Spain

Weird holy processions protraying history in Spain, celebrate Easter.
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‘Eat, Pray,Love’ In Spain

None of us own uncellulited legs, perfect teeth, or the redundant laugh of Julia Roberts. However, a very cool group of women friends and I, all with more...
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