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No Car Needed (no. 8): Barcelona To Flower Festival In Romantic Sitges

Chalk drawings on the streets start the party weekend celebrating the Corpus Christi Festival in romantic...
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Zach’s 5 Fav Restaurants In Valencia

Pallea, hot steamed mussels, creative tapas, and spicy sausage sandwiches are just a few of the delectable ...
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Sunny, Romantic Sitges

Want sun? Sitges, with 300 sunny days a year, is your hot spot. Located a shell’s throw from Barcelona on the Mediterranean Sea, this old fishing village retains its small town ambiance
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A Scoopometer 10! 6 Reasons To Eat At A Chiringuito – Food Culture In Spain

You are at the beach and have worked up an appetite slathering on the sun lotion, swimming, and a playing a tough game of volleyball. Hungry? Head to a chiringuito, a casual bar/restaurant serving you on the beach - another example of the food culture in Spain
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6 Lanzarote Villas for Island Escapes!

Lanzorte Island, located about 600 miles off the southern coast of Spain, is a weird and wonderful place. Don't expect squawking parrots and brash monkeys. Formed by volcanoes, the dramatic reddish brown landscape shrouds the largest submerged volcanic tunnel in the world6
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Top Sunday Stroll in Barcelona: Port and Beach

Barcelona’s port is actually a series of small ports linked together and accessed by pedestrians via a...
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Diary of a Stay-cation in Barcelona: 2

The thing about a stay-cation, is there's no hotel room. And therefore, no room service, maid service, or poolside drinks or pay-per-view... While many people in Spain spend sleepless nights on uncomfortable hotel beds, or are being roused at the wee hours of the morning by persistent maids wanting tidy up, I am snug as a bug in my own home. This is just one of the many perks taking a stay-cation has.
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