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Puerta del Principe

Bullfighting: A Writer’s Dilemma

Bullfighting is common in many parts of Spain, stirring many strong sentiments for and against. Here is one writer’s take on it after spending time ringside.

The gorge at Ronda.

Remembering The Road To Ronda

Ronda, in Southern Spain, is worth your time. Built on two sides of a massive gorge, the village boasts a charming town center and Roman bridge. Don’t miss this sweet spot.

Barlife in Cadiz

I’m Waiting – Bar Life in Cadiz

The people either side of me are grinning. The barman is laughing. I had already been waiting here for some time, hemmed in on all sides by the tell-tale, claustrophobic crush of any Spanish bar that has earned its stripes with a local clientele