Photo Scoop: Swimming San Sebastian

San Sebastian

By Nancy Todd

Catching a tan or wave on a beach in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities is a rare combo. San Sebastian, located on the Bay of Biscay and only twelve miles from France, has packed beaches all summer. Playa la Concha, the largest, swings an arc around the bay and is the most popular of the three beaches where the tanned line up like anchovies packed in a tin.

Pristine beaches of San Sebastian

An enormous statue of Jesus is on one end of the bay superves babes in bikinis and babes in strollers. He is not looking optimistic about his job.

Eduardo Chillida’s artwork in San Sebastian

The Wind Comb is at the opposite end of the bay from Jesus. Created by Spain‘s famous sculptor, Eduardo Chillida, The Wind Comb looms over the sea.

Views of San Sebastian from the hillside

Taking a long walk around the beach means a promenade, rock climbing at the Wind Comb end, and hoofing it up narrow paths to meet Jesus. Views are spectacular.

Peeking in on Playa la Concha in San Sebastian

Strolling shore-side in San Sebastian

The promenade is filled with strollers all year round. Majestic lamp posts light the way complete with gargoyles.

The balloon guy in San Sebastian waiting for lift off

The Balloon Guy near the beach.  I suspect he is often airborne but missed that photo opt.

Boats bob around San Sebastian

Blue skies and beautiful views over the beach in San Sebastian

San Sebastian is best in the summer months if you’re hopping to swim. Otherwise, it can be rainy and chilly.

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