How To Be Street Sign Savvy

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Calle de San Juan is easy enough…

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By Nancy Todd

When I arrived in Barcelona, I stayed on Carrer de la Riera de Sant Miquel for five nights. A street name with seven words was over my head when I was trying to learn the difference between “si” and “no”.  If someone had asked where I was staying, I would have muttered something about a river. No one asked.  I had no  street smarts. Just another perturbed pedestrian.

info on spain

My First Street In Barcelona – Try saying this fast after one glass of wine.

One night after work, Regina and I met for a glass of wine. She said, “What street shall we go to with a lively bar scene?” “Street?” I squawked. “What? I’m supposed to know the name of a street?” I did direct her through the plaza where the kids were playing soccer, around the corner bakery, to the left of the church, past the dope smokers, to a charming bar. The $1.20 glass of wine made street names irrelevant.

info on spain

A stack of street signs in Barcelona. Which way to go?

To help remember street names, the word association game comes into play. Find a street that rhymes with the name of your Mother’s third cousin removed. This may help you remember your street. I have never been good with that technique. If you are in a repenting state, staying on a street with a saint’s name such as Santa Filomena, Sant Fructuos, and my favorite, Sant Liquori, may help you. If you can drive, read maps and play the word association game at the same time; like every man I know, you will find your way around cities in like a pro.

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  1. Mo says:

    Now I DO like Sant Liquori – if I lived on that street I´d never forget its name. Hmm, or maybe I would …….. cute post, enjoyed it!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Mo!

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