Weirdest Fruit of 2011 – Smugglers Slip On Bananas

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By Nancy Todd                 Comments by:   The Blog Dog

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You wander into a fruit, veggie store in Spain.  It could be your small, friendly vendor, a grocery store, or one of the wonderful mercados with the fish and chicken ladies.  You buy bananas for 80 cents,  take them home and make a smoothie.  You notice that you are having an unusually happy day. Whoops.  Your bananas were filled with cocaine.

cocaine bananas in spain

Cocaine Bananas In Spain

Shipping cocaine in Spain via plastic bananas is one of the latest business strategies coming out of Ecuador. 162 kilos of contraband was tucked in among thousands of real bananas and found their way to the large grocery store chain, Lidl. The typically grumpy Lidl employees are usually found standing around yammering about their tan lines.   Did anyone find the employees recently smiley, helpful and frantically multitasking?   This chain store has purportedly destroyed recent shipments of bananas.  Maybe you were there early and lucked out.

Drug smugglers missed their boat and slipped up on their own bananas when it came into port  of Algeciras. Three dealers were arrested in Madrid on January 14, 2011  and the 4th in Benalmadena. Bad day at the office for the banana smugglers.  Last year,  cocaine banana dealers were also arrested.   Caught two years in a row with your hands on your bananas? Ok, guys,  mangoes or papayas?

cocaine bananas in spain

The Blogdog

Comments by The Blog Dog:  “Unfortunately, I don’t do bananas.”

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