Beautiful Beaches Near Barcelona: Sitges

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By Nancy Todd

By the time it takes you to glob on suntan lotion and put on your shades, you can get from Barcelona to Sitges. Why Sitges for beaches? They are less crowded than Barcelona beaches and there are not as many vendors squawking “Beer?” “Massage?” The wide beaches are natural sand that has not been delivered in a truck.  Water is cleaner and warmer, and I am sure given the Grand Color Test, the water is bluer. We give Sitges a Scoopometer 10.

Hop off the train, walk through the old fishing village, and in five blocks, you are jumping into the Mediterranean Sea.

When Melissa, my daughter, and David, my son-in-law, and I went to Sitges, we stopped at Super Pollo (Super Chicken), got a greasy take out and chowed down on the beach.

A long promenade is lined with seafood restaurants, benches, and swaying palms. Kids play soccer. Bikes and rollerbladers are cruising.  That’s not all that’s cruising.

Chiringuitos, beach bars, make damn good mojitos. Boquerones (which are little fish – yum), burgers, and fried shrimp are heaped high.  And importantly, chiringuitos have bathrooms.  Not great bathrooms and in some cases, disgusting.  Hey, you are at the beach.

Clever, elaborate sand sculptures line part of the beaches.  Mythical characters desire tips to sit in the sun and entertain.  And they deserve those tips.

When you face the sea and hang a left and walk for about 20 minutes, you pass by rocky areas.  If you are a nudist, keep going, the nude beach is a large cove just beyond the rocks.  It was a cold day when David, Melissa, and I went to Sitges.  David never took off his hat.  Therefore, he is not a nudist.


It is easy to get to Sitges from Barcelona by the train, Renfe.  Takes about 40 minutes leaving from Sants or Passeig de Gracia Stations.  On summer weekends, groups are often partying on the train and there can be standing room only.  Sitges is party down city.  And I love it.

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