Photo Scoop (no. 11): Signs of Granada

granada city

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By Nancy Todd

We Scoopettes often like to report on the weird, wacky, and wonderful.  We have an eye for detail, the obscure.  Oddball signs appear around this ancient city of Granada and they make me smile.  Adrian Brody in the Alhambra city?  Here are some of my favorites.

granada city

Signs of Granada

granada city

granada city

granada city

Muy Guapo!

granada  city

In your Granada meanderings, check out these restaurants recommended by The Spain Scoop. For more interesting stuff on Granada, check out Madeleine Brand’s article on National Public Radio. She has The Scoop on hip-hop merging with flamenco, again the contrasts of this old Spanish city.

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  1. Mike says:

    Love this post. It’s sadly been tree years since I was in Granada, but reading this and seeing the signs made me remember all the varied and memorable signs I saw throughout Granada. I will be teaching in Spain next year, and I’m beyond excited to be going back!

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