Levis Lovers in Spain/Barcelona Style

Spain and Barcelona Style

By Nancy Todd

Comments:  Negu, The Blogdog



There are dozens of Levis Stores in Spain including Granada, Seville, Madrid, etc.  Those are for people looking for Barcelona style.For a pair of faded jeans with pre-cut holes, slashes, and rips, all in strategic places, you pay 128 euros.This price is the U.S. equivalent of approximately $188. I have never understood why people want to buy jeans pre-holed.They actually pay for tears in their jeans which means the jeans wear out faster. Don’t be shocked by this outrageous price, because for absolutely no extra charge, you get the frayed look in the zipper placket.


The vertical zipper placket fraying is one half inch wide with a fray length of seven inches.Levi designers think this is supposed to be sexy.It doesn’t work for me.I was not included in the Gallup poll for the ultimate in zipper sexiness.  I can think of a lot of other things that are much sexier than a frayed zipper or slashes in jeans.Such as the perfect cowboy boots to go with the jeans. I have Spanish friends who travel to New York City and stock up on jeans, five to ten pairs at a time.


Save your money for a delicious Spanish dinner. On what you’d save if you bought five pairs of $28 Levis in the states, you’d have a free plane ticket to Barcelona. Another option is to wait three years. I will sell you my worn out Levis for $80 with all the tears in the right places including a natural patina. I will then treat myself to a very expensive dinner. With money left over, I can purchase a new pair of jeans in the U.S. No rips or tears.


If you want to take a gift home and don’t want to spend a zillion on Levis,  check out The Scoop for inexpensive gifts.


The Blogdog


Negu, The Blogdog and Fashionista comments:  “Sweaters those little dogs wear?  I wouldn’t be caught in a coffin with a stupid sweater.  However, Honey, would I wear a tight ass pair of Levis?  With high black leather boots?  Sweetheart, I’d drive the men wild.”




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