Scoopometer 10! Sexy Sandals Made In Spain

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By Nancy Todd

As summer temperatures rise,  so does body odor and the number of sandals. Sandals, shoes made in Spain, are worn by the mail carriers, bike riders, bus drivers, bankers, and bar guys.  Fruit sellers, ham sellers, and motor cycle crazies.

Sandals on People In Spain

Business people in Spain wear sandals with costly, rumpled linen suits.  Old people, babies, and teens stride about with these strappy, snappy shoes .  With temperatures clinging in the nineties all summer, sandals reign.  Regina and I, your Scoopettes, have our sandals out, love shoes made in Spain, and would think of wearing nothing else.

These  wonders range from 10 euros to several hundred.  Red cotton, green leather, blue silk, and big this year are sandals that sexily climb up one’s calf, gladiator style.  Those Romans dudes continue to make their mark.

Espadrilles, that originated with poor country people, have rope soles can be bought in polka-dots, stripes, and flowers - high heels or flat.  Men of course, go for the flat, at least in public.  Making the fashion scene are sandals bejeweled with beads, rhinestones, fringe, and studs.   With thousands of shoe stores in Spain, take your pick and be cool.

Luckily, or unluckily for me, I have a shoe size that is difficult to find in Spain.  That means big.  I have never bought one pair of shoes in Spain.  When I walk in a shoe store and ask for a size 894, the sales person stares at me bug eyed,  slowly shakes her head and looks at me like I belong in a freak show.  If you see a woman looking in the window of a shoe store crying, that’s me.

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