The Scoop Interviews (no. 25): Sara Rodriguez

Meet Sara!

Meet Sara

Interview by Nancy Todd

Traveling on many continents, Sara Rodriguez reports on her trips in her travel blog, Mindful Travel.  Sara, with her partner and dog, call Madrid home.

1. Spanish is your native language and you have excellent English! I really like that your travel blog is in both languages. Tell us more about your background and where you have lived.

I’m improving my English every day! I like being able to communicate with people from all over the world and having a bilingual travel blog was the perfect solution. It’s hard work for me but it’s so rewarding!  I have traveled since I was six and my passion is stronger every day. When I finished college I lived in Oxford for six months and then I realized that English was going to be really important in my life.  Also, I love Portuguese which I learned when I visited Brazil. If I had to choose to live in  in another country, I would choose Brazil. I adore its culture, language, food…

2. What advice would you give an expat moving to Spain?

Spain is a friendly country and the good weather definitely helps. I would say, if you are open-minded and really want to be part of the Spanish community, you will be so happy in Spain. You’ll get used to our culture and food so fast that you’ll want to stay forever!

3. What motivates you to write and travel?

Traveling is my passion and I couldn’t imagine life without it. I learn so much on every trip I take, I am inspired to look for new places to discover and unforgettable experiences to live. In my travels, I have had good and bad times, but even when you have trouble while traveling, you can get the positive side and learn from it.  That’s why I started writing on my blog, so I can inspire other people to travel and love travel as much as I do. Besides, I love helping people plan their trips with my travel tips.

4. Are you the type who likes a Running With Bulls Festival or watching a sunset?

I have to say that I don’t like any kind of show that involves animal suffering, so I definitely prefer watching a sunset! I always try to do my best when I travel and choose sustainable and respectful tourism. For me, it’s really important to know the reality of the people I meet when traveling.

5. What the lesser known places in Spain you would recommend to our readers?

All travelers want to visit Barcelona, Madrid and Seville, and it’s great! Those are amazing cities, in fact I’m from Madrid and I love it, but I have to say that Spain is much more than that. There are unique places full of nature like Asturias, culinary culture in Galicia, lots of charming little towns, white sand beaches and beautiful islands like Menorca and Fuerteventura!  It doesn’t matter what kind of traveler you are, there is a place in Spain just for you.

6. You call Madrid home. What do you love about Madrid?

Madrid is a huge city and because of that, sometimes could be a little bit impersonal, but if you choose a neighborhood and try to be active and part of it, you will find that Madrid can be friendly and warm, with lovely people and great places to discover.  I love those little bars where you go with your friends and spend hours talking and tasting delicious tapas and wine. Madrid is alive and I think you won’t feel alone there.

Sara Rodriguez is addicted to travel and has a passion for nature and adventure, while enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Find out more about her travel experiences and tips to help you plan your next trip in her blog Mindful Travel and subscribe to her Newsletter to receive exclusive content, travel advice and giveaways.

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