Sales In Spain

Sales in Spain happen twice a year

By Nancy Todd                       Comments by  The Blogdog

Sales in Spain are weird. Regulated by the government,they are only permitted in January/February and July/August. Some small stores sneak in an obscure sale in the interim. Week by week, for anpit two months, goods are discounted three times.

Lines are long. Customer service is non-existent and I have been in stores like Zara’s (a fab women’s clothing store) where there are 47 people in line and two cashiers. Buyers are undaunted. They scramble, wait in line for the dressing rooms, wait in line to buy, and never mind the surly salespeople. We all love a bargain and if you are here in January or July, shop till you drop!

Rebaixes is Catalan for sales.

Another word about Zara’s. They have inexpensive, fashionable clothes. Their inventory changes about every six weeks. Clothing is made overseas as well as in Spain. Quality varies. A short ruffly, kinda like silk, mini skirt I bought was 19 euros. Will it last me years? No. I don’ t care. I only wear it four times a year. And their shoes: OMG are they sexy. Move over Sex In The City. It is Sex In Spain.

Blog Dog

Comments by Negu, The Blogdog: “Oh darling, I am a shoe slut. I buy dozens during the sales and have had a new shoe closet built.”

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