3 Cool Tapas Restaurants in Chueca – Madrid

tapas in chuenca madrid

Chueca in Madrid

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By Nancy Todd

Chueca is a very cool neighborhood. The gays and artists revitalized  this old part of Madrid.   There goes the neighborhood as they say. Gentrification rears it’s trendy head - for the good and the bad.  The bad news is that prices have soared and it is becoming a bit, “Look-at-me, I-am-so000-hip.”   Druggies, tranvestites walk the streets plus women with little dogs whose boots cost more than everything in my closet.   The Scoop recommends cool places to stay when visiting Madrid.

The good news is that the dry cleaner and shoe repair folks are still here so Chueca is not yet a Soho.  Yes, there are the pizza and wok joints and some great restaurants.  The Scoopometer recommends the following three and we know you will find more.

l.  El Deseo de Maria (The Dream of Maria)- What is dreamy is the excellent food, contemporary decor, and friendly service.  Large stone arched windows used to be part of a stable.  Menu del dia, Menu of the Day, 17e.  Tempura that crumbles in your mouth, salmon with citrus reduction, cod grilled in red olive oil.  Changing art exhibits.  A bar for lingering with a coffee or wine. Barbieri, 15.

tapas in madrid

El Deseo de Maria

2.  Diurno – Casual cafe with sandwiches, salads, yummy desserts.  Video rentals.  Locals hang here with take out available.  Fast service.  www.diurno.com

3.  Cafe Acuarela-  Close to the Metro and major plaza, this is a great place to chill  for teas, cocktails, light fare.  Purples, chandliers, dim lighting and sofas make it a good place to snuggle up with your sweetie.  http://www.cafeacuarela.es/index.php

Let The Spain Scoop know your favorite places to eat in Madrid in the Comment Box.

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  1. Kendra
    Posted June 7, 2012 at 4:01 am | Permalink

    You really should go check out a restaurant in Madrid called La Tita Rivera at C/ Perez Galdos, 4 28032 Madrid. It’s a little restaurant that serves food and beer (Estrella Galicia), but the food isn’t the most interesting part about it. They have their own canned drinks (Latitas). They have 7 different kinds, one of which is non-alcoholic so anyone can try one. They have a cute sort of theme, which is that there is this kind old Aunt Rivera who takes care of everybody, but who also likes to party so you can take her drinks to a party anywhere. There’snot really anything old-lady-like about the resaurant itself. It’s a pretty casual place to hangout. The drinks are like mixed drinks in a can. They are a bit sweet, so you might want to be prepared. They serve them over ice with one or two slices of fruit that match the theme of what ever drink you order. For example, if you order an apple cider sangria, you’ll get a slice of apple in your glass. It’s a nice touch and it tastes great. The night I found it, I bought a can of each flavor to take to a dinner party I was attending the that weekend (where they were well liked). I also took my roommate there the next night and another friend a few days after that. Everyone who goes wants to go back. You might not like it, but it’s certainly worth a try.

  2. Kendra
    Posted June 7, 2012 at 4:24 am | Permalink

    By the way, the drink I mentioned earlier isn’t actually called “apple cider sangria” it’s called “Shandy de Sidra” and it’s nothing like sangria except that it has alcohol and fruit so if you happen to edit while you’re “moderating” these things, change that please. Also, you should check out their website. It’s really cool, unique and cleverly done and most of it can be read in English or Spanish. http://www.latitarivera.com/en/

  3. admin
    Posted June 8, 2012 at 1:16 am | Permalink

    Hi Kendra, Thanks for the great tips! Sounds like a place that I will put on my Madrid list!

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