7 Super Shots On The Scoop!

By Nancy Todd & Regina Winkle-Bryan

The Spain Scoop has been invited to participate  in HostelBookers 7 Super Shots. All the shots are of Spain and were taken by Nancy Todd or Regina Winkle Bryan. Here goes:

A photo that…takes my breath away:  by Nancy

Rounding a curve on the airport train into the city of Bilbao, sited perfectly by the river, was Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim  Museum. I was expecting an American imposition in this graceful city.  Wrong.  The shimmering, swooping facades of the museum integrate with the river and it is stunning.

A photo that…makes me laugh:  by Nancy

Heads and hands made of paper mache, the 15 foot giant people are on parade for festivals or randomly appear, catatonic style, lumbering down the streets.   Their clothes are of damask, silk and cotton and represent royalty and peasants of years past.  People are inside of the giants, carrying them with wooden supports on their shoulders. This giant carrier is getting ready for another day at the office.

A photo that…makes me dream:  by Nancy

A sharp trilling sound on a whistle  from the knife sharpener signals that he is making his rounds.  Restaurant owners and housewifes turn out on the streets  to get their knives tuned up for the next slice of ham.  There are only a few men left inSpain  with their with their jerryrigged grinding wheel attached to a scooter.  The knife sharpener has me dreaming about the old days of Spain,  life pre-Ikea.

A photo that…makes me think: by Regina

Can Mas Deu - Squatter House Barcelona 2012

Can Mas Deu - Squatter House Barcelona 2012

Can Masdeu is a squatted house in Nou Barris, a blue-collar neighborhood in Barcelona reached by Metro. In its 10th year, Can Masdeu members provide a community garden space for locals and teach the young and old about organic gardening. This place makes me think about the idea of house, home, money and community in a new way.

A photo that…makes my mouth water: by Regina

Eating paella in Spain

Eating paella in Spain

This is SO Spain for me in that it highlights the classic Spanish lunch. We had ham with melon, followed by this paella for two in a seaside village near Valencia. Note the bottled water, the alioli, the oil and vinegar and the outdoor location ( and A looking hungry!). The only thing that seems to be missing is the wine!

A photo that…tells a story: by Regina

Occupy Barcelona 2011 M15

Occupy Barcelona 2011 M15

This was taken in May 2011 in Barcelona‘s Pl. Catalunya. This was during the ‘Occupy’ or M15 protests when there were many people camping on the square. As we all know, the same movement later jumped the Atlantic and landed in New York only to continue west.

A photo that…I am most proud of (aka my worthy of National Geographic shot):  by Nancy

Barcelona‘s Raval neighborhood is home to punkers, druggies, hipsters, and older people, the latter having lived there for decades.   Graffiti is scattered about, a new image of the old Raval.  The grumpy old man in the doorway shooed me away when he saw my camera.  Too late.  The paparazzi had her shot.

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