How To See Granada: Tips For Photographers

Granada, Spain

Granada, Spain


By Christine Medina

Granada, nestled at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, was built upon rolling hillsides, which contain some amazing views of the city. I’m continuously captivated by this city, as the rich Al-Andalus history is still felt within its limits. For me, there’s no better way to appreciate the beauty of Granada, than by heading out to watch the sunset over this southern gem.

So grab some jamón and vino, a camera and friends, and check out to these stunning viewpoints of the city:

Mirador de San Nicolas

This is undoubtedly Granada’s most famous view–and for good reason! It boasts an impressive vista of the Alhambra and though it’s the go-to spot for lovesick teenagers, flamenco musicians looking to make a buck (or euro), and tourists, it somehow doesn’t lose its charm. Get there by walking through the Albayzin neighborhood and following the signs to the top.

The Scoop: Go at sunset to watch the flood lights slowly turn on the Alhambra – gorgeous!

Granada, Spain

Looking out over Granada, Spain

Mirador de San Cristobal

I was lucky enough to have locals bring me here; otherwise I would have probably never found it. Mirador de San Cristobal, offers a panoramic view of the city (and surrounding pueblos), from the fortified, 11th-century walls to the cathedral, parts of the Alhambra and more. Get there by taking the Carretera de Murcia and going uphill. It’s tricky to find, so be prepared to ask a local how to get there.

The Scoop: This viewpoint is best taken in at night, when Granada is awash in a golden glow of streetlights.

Views fo Granada, Spain

Views of Granada, Spain

From The Alhambra

Though this viewpoint lacks the majestic Alhambra, it does provide a wonderful view of the whitewashed Albayzin neighborhood and surrounding mountain ranges. It’s impossible not to get lost in thought from a place as rich in history as the Alhambra with views that haven’t changed much over time. While there, I always imagine what the royals who occupied the palace must have thought in 1492, when the Christians came to conquer the city.

Whether you look out from the snaking labyrinth of the Albayzin or from the once-grandiose balconies of the Alhambra, Granada’s views are simply breathtaking. Which is your favorite?


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