Photo Scoops (no. 21): Miles Of Tiles – Seville

Miles of tiles, Seville.

Miles of tiles, Seville.

By Nancy Todd

There’s a lot to love about Seville. As a past studio ceramic artist, I am mesmerized by the miles of tiles. Seville just may be the most colorful city in Spain and here is a glimpse of the beauty. The Moors escalated the business of ceramics in Spain with advanced techniques of decoration and making vessels water tight.   Ceramics were as important back in the day as our plastic, glass, asphalt shingles, and sheetrock are today.

Dana being supervised by the Virgin Mary.

Dana being supervised by the Virgin Mary.

The Queen of Mean, Queen Isabel, ousted the Jews and Moors from Spain in 1492.  Ousting also meant executions.  With the loss of Moors, and the Christians in charge of pottery, quality went down the river.

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A typical Moorish arch.

A typical Moorish arch.

Ceramics are available for sale in many gift shops.  To see working studios, head across the river to the neighborhood of Triana and you can buy directly from the potters.

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CMAS,bodega, animals 065

CMAS,bodega, animals 051

Similar patterns in this photo can also be found in the Alhambra.  This is clearly a Moorish design which you will see walking around Seville.  The blue is dazzling.


Whenever there is an open doorway, I peek in or wander back into a courtyard.  Forget about the sheet rock, just use miles of tiles.

For cheap eats in Seville, we have The Scoop.   What are your favorite memories of Seville?


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