Photo Friday – Where In Spain Is This?

Where In Spain Is This?

By Nancy Todd

The November Photo Friday bridge theme on The Spain Scoop continues.  This bridge is a very short bridge, but what a great view.  The river, once roaring, has turned into a trickle.  The river supplied the city in this arid land with crops, palm trees, and bougainvillea.  It is discreet and a charmer.

What are your favorite bridges in Spain?



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  1. John Bentley says:

    I know where this is – it’s Granada! I have a photo just like it myself from my travels.

  2. robin says:

    Yup – it’s the Darro valley in my favourite city; Granada

  3. nancy todd says:

    Hi John, You are exactly right. A charmer of a bridge. You win an apartment, free of charge, for life, right in the Alhambra.

  4. MarkG says:

    It is the Puente de Espinosa, Carrera del Darro, Granada.

    Granada is such a magical and beguiling city.

    Two of my favourite stone bridges in Spain are the very imposing Puente Nuevo at Ronda and the sublime El Pont Nou at Camprodon, near Girona.

  5. nancy todd says:

    Thanks Mark. Sounds like you are also a bridge person. Where do you live? Nancy

  6. admin says:

    I’m amazed at how many people were able to name this one!

  7. MarkG says:

    Hi Nancy. I live in London, UK. A few bridges here!

  8. nancy todd says:

    Mark, how about those Calatrava bridges that are spanning the world? Stupendous.

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