Hottest Men of 2011 – Mallorca, Spain

By Nancy Todd                 Comments by The Blog Dog

The Scoopettes bring you our favorite posts of 2011.  With over 390 posts and counting, The Spain Scoop selected these posts with a Scoopometer rating of  10.  The Nude Dudes challenge the laugh barometer of the Catholic Church.  Guess who didn’t think it was funny?

Nude Dudes were having a bare it all time in Mallorca.  In the small town of Sant Joan, on the beautiful  island of Mallorca  off the coast of Spain, the Catholic Darallament Youth Group decided to show their stuff.  Between the ages of 18 – 28, the men designed a 2011 calendar for the  Catholic Church with black and white photos.  They took it off for twelve photos of biblical tableaux as a fund raiser for the Church.   Now that is a calendar I would buy.   Regrettably, I have no photos, however The Guardian does.

Group leader, Antoni Company stated, “It is a daring and original idea that emerged because we are young and wanted to do something new.”   The Bishop of Mallorca disagreed commenting , ” It  (the calendar)  is not respectful of Christian symbols and is insensitive to Catholic feelings.”

The calendars sold out at $13 a pop.  Three hundred  were printed for a profit of $1,945.  A second printing is being considered.  If Catholic youth groups around the world produced nude guy calendars, this could be a real money maker for the church.  They could pay off  abuse victims and reopen inner city schools. The restoration of historic cathedrals could be accomplished without financial aid from  governments – not exactly where I want my tax dollar to go.   Nude calendars:  great  gifts.

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Comments by The Blog Dog:  “Hey, boys, need a photographer?”

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