Magical Nights In Spain


By Nancy Todd

Comments:  Negu, The Blogdog

Cities in Spain become magical at night, especially in the medieval neighborhoods of Seville, Madrid, Granada,  and Barcelona.  Any city, town, or village I have experienced at night brings the magic.  Old street lamps cast a sepia tone. Skinny lanes curve with mist softened facades.

I can hear the clop of horses hooves, smell fish cooking, and watch the lamplighters.  There is a stillness that transports me back hundreds of years, especially after a rain.   Even after four years of walking these neighborhoods, it is like the first time.  I think to myself, “I really live here.  This is home.”

Barcelona walk with Luis and Robert

The Blogdog Negu The Blogdog: "After a late night out on the town, I head to the Mediterranean Sea,check out the guys, and go for a dip. In the nude, of course."



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