Mushrooms – Traditional Food In Spain (and we are not hallucinating)

Terry Came All The Way From South Carolina to Barcelona to Experiment With Mushrooms


By Nancy Todd                                 Comments by The Blog Dog

It is Autumn and to many people in Spain, and to your Scoopettes, this means mushroom time.   The chilly days call to people who forage the traditional food,  wild mushrooms, in Galicia, Catalunya, Andalucia, etc.

Mushroom Time In Spain

Many have their favorite forests where year after year, especially if it has been a good rainy  Autumn, people gather this gold.  Mushrooms can be hard to spot among all the fall foliage and it takes a trained eye.  These special mushrooms are not farmed.   Texturing the markets, they have all been picked by hand; locations a carefully guarded secret.

Perfect With White Wine



Judith From Munich Snarfing Down A Plate of Ravellons Mushrooms, Santa Caterina Market, Barcelona


Markets display exotic mushrooms.   One vendor at the Boqueria Market  in Barcelona, had 28 varieties. Hot orange rovellons look like  erupting volcanoes.   Tiny mushrooms, camagrocs, with bright yellow stems have a thin umbrella top.

Fat brown mushrooms as big as my fist and fairy umbrellas, tiny little brown knobs with long white stems.  Judith, visiting from Germany, and I gawked at the mounds of mushrooms at the Santa Caterina Market then stuffed ourselves with a big plate of rovellons at the market restaurant - cooked to perfection.  

Here is a typical recipe- Cooking Wild Mushrooms

Ingredients include:mushrooms, olive oil, garlic, parsley. Gently saute the mushrooms in olive oil.  When almost done, toss in the freshly sliced garlic and parsley. Stir for 30 seconds to one minute. Eat straight up or serve with meat or fish.

The Blogdog at a Party

Negu, The Blogdog comments:   “Aren’t mushrooms something you do in the woods with your friends?”

Related  Spain Scoop:  Mushrooms at the San Miguel Market in Madrid.   Tapas bars are selling mushrooms in the Autumn.  Yum.  Love those Barcelona bars.

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