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Moving to Spain with kids

Interview by Nancy Todd

Families traveling and moving to other countries is becoming more common as we become a global society. A move or travel with families isn’t always easy. Lisa and Ed Sadlier provide critical info on education, documentation, issues about kids, relocation, etc.  They have moved with ease,  are loving their new lifestyle and give practical advice.

Describe your role with your website and how it evolved.

Our website and blog has been, work in progress, for many years and is a culmination of:

• Our desire to enhance our own Family Life in Spain, by discovering more about what Spain has to offer

• Our wish to have a diary of our family life

• Our ability to give others a genuine account of Family Life in Spain

• Our desire to share our experiences and knowledge with others considering relocating to Spain

• A need to keep people informed of the changes in Spanish procedures, laws and regulations to help us all maximize our enjoyment of Family life in Spain

We started blogging in October 2010. The idea is that our site grows with our children. Our lives are focused around them and, thanks to them, we are learning more about the country we have chosen to make our home.

We have met some amazing people through our website and do not need any excuse to accept invitations to visit new places and meet new people.

1. What is the most satisfying part of your work? is not work for us. It is our family diary of our life in Spain. Our work is (Costa Consulting Blog) which offers information and assistance to people  living in Spain or moving to Spain.

I am rewarded every day by people who have come to me for assistance and who continually thank me for helping them. It is not really like work (except when it involves certain Spanish utility providers, whose names I will refrain from mentioning!)

I am simply helping people to have a great life in Spain.  If people receive the right advice at the beginning then they can have a fantastic life here. I’m not selling the dream I’m selling reality. Too many times the dream becomes a nightmare because people don’t ask for advice or they take it from the wrong people.

Lisa and Ed Sadlier with their kids in Spain

2.  Why did you decide to start your site?  What subject are your readers most interested in?

We decided to start our Family Life in Spain site to document our life in Spain and to share our discoveries with others. Having not written a diary for years, we saw it as a great way to write about our adventures.

Our readers seem to most enjoy our articles about Children in Spain and the places we visit. As we do not accept advertising on our website, we are able to give our honest opinion of the places we visit.

The updates about bureaucratic issues are also very popular although these are now mainly found on CCB Spain.

3.  Tell us more about your move to Spain.

I was born in Liverpool and grew up in a small village called Lowton until I headed off to University. I went to university in London and France to study European Business. On graduating, I decided to take time out and work as a travel guide and headed off to the island of Gran Canaria. Ten years later, having worked all over Spain and the Spanish islands, in ski resorts in Andorra & the french Alps, a brief stint in Corsica, USA and the Dominican Republic,  me and my then “hubby to be” (also from England), settled in Fuerteventura.

Seven years later having got married, bought and sold our very first home, set up and sold a successful snorkeling business and had two gorgeous children we decided that we had to move back “home” … to mainland Spain, to Malaga, Andalucia.

Andalucia has a special something that pulls you. It has so much to offer to so many people. As the saying goes … “Andalucía … sólo hay una”.  (there is only one).

4.  What is the name of your city?

We live just outside the beautiful village of Mijas Pueblo in Málaga, southern Spain.

5.  What problems have you encountered in moving to Spain?

We were very lucky to not have had problems with moving to various parts of Spain.  I think that is mainly thanks to our understanding of not only the Spanish language but also the Spanish people. We have some great Spanish friends and have always had local people willing to help us.

6.  How did your children handle the move?

Both our children were born in Fuerteventura and so have grown up (they are still only  four and seven years!) in Spain. They are great little travellers and adapt very well to new environments. However, one of the main reasons for choosing Mijas as our family home was the fact that the schools in the village here have a  good reputation. There is a primary/junior school and also a secondary school. The children are extremely well integrated in the village and it is a wonderful place for them to grow up.

7.  How do you see the future of the internet affecting your business?

The internet is opening doors every day for us. We are active on many social media sites (twitter, facebook, linkedin, pinterest, youtube … )  and really believe that this is the future. We do not spend time nor money on SEO etc. we believe that providing good content is the best  way to succeed online.

8.  Where is a great place in Spain where  you travel for a get away? Where have you not traveled that you want to go?

We love Cadiz! Particularly the areas around Tarifa, Vejer and Conil. We have been visiting the same campsite in Tarifa for 20 years and have recently travelled further up the coast to Vejer and Conil. The beaches and countryside are just amazing. The food is unbelievable and the people are extremely friendly. Having been fed up with the rain in Angelsey in August for the last three years, we have just booked our 2012 summer holiday in a little place called La Muela in Cadiz.

Spain is an amazing country and there are still so many places we want to discover. However, our children are still very young and we will chose our destinations wisely so that we all enjoy the experience together.

For more info on Family In Spain:





Cadiz and more in Southern Spain.


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  1. Lisa Sadleir says:

    Thank you so much for allowing us to share our love of this great place we have chosen to call our home.
    We hope to visit you in Barcelona in the not too distant future. However, I think my first trip will be sin niños 😉
    Un saludo

  2. admin says:

    Thanks to you Lisa.Yes, come for a visit to Barcelona and look us up!


  3. It’s so nice to see other families and why they chose Southern Spain. We love our life in Andalucia and feel it was a good fit for us. Thank goodness for the internet, keeping us in touch with family and friends.

  4. admin says:

    How long have you been in the South of Spain?

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