Is It A Flying Waffle? Metropol Parosol, Seville

By Nancy Todd              Comments by The Blog Dog

Is it a flying waffle?  A  hat worn to the royal wedding?  No, it’s the soaring Metropol Parosol that shocks Sevillians and visitors alike.  In this ancient city of white stucco walls, a medieval cathedral, and old, colorful ceramic tile work, the wild Metropol Parosol pops forth as the largest wooden structure in the world.  It opened on March 27, 2011, and it flings, flounces, and entices you into a daring architectural adventure.

I hate to say it is another damn mall.  I do not like malls. Designed by Berlin architect Jurgen Mayer H., it is a mall. With shops and food markets,  it is topped with a roof restaurant


with stunning views.  You can meander undulating pathways on the roof, rock out at concerts, or have a wedding as there is a place for events.  Elevators are enclosed in the trunk like supporting structures.

Roman ruins were discovered during the construction process in an area that was supposed to be an underground parking garage.  Move over Roman dudes.  Wisely, the designer converted the ruins into a small museum.  So if the big Daddy waffle-wild Metropol Parosol fails, we do have the ruins.

I have problems with sculptures and buildings that cross the  line of not integrating into their environment.  The Metropol Parosol does not appear to be at all in sync with the rest of Seville.  I have been fooled by photos before.  For example, the Guggenheim Museum  in Bilbao I thought would be as out of place as tapas at McDonald’s, however, it is fully integrated into the city.  I will be on a plane soon to check out the wacky Metropol Parosol  building.

in seville traveling in spain

The Blog Dog in Spain

Comments by The Blog Dog:   “OMG, the Metropol is the world’s largest chew toy.”

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What are your comments on the flying Parosol?

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