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The Big Red M

The look for the big red M for metro

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By Nancy Todd

With dozens of stops, and no more than a five-minute wait, the Barcelona metro‘s trains speed you about the city. At station stores, I love to buy delicious sugar coated almonds, cheap scarves, and great coffee. Newton’s Law of Physics states that when twenty-three commuters struggle to squeeze through a 36” wide door to get off the train, seventy-four passengers cannot simultaneously barge through the same door to board the train. Newton’s Law was not taught in the Barcelona school system.

On one cattle stampede off the train, I had one arm and one leg out the door, the others inside. Not wanting to be a pushy American, I smiled sweetly and said, “Perdona.” Finally knowing that I was about to be bisected, I screamed, “Perfriggindona!” It worked. I still have two arms and two legs.

Metro maps:  In the stations, tourist info centers, your hotel.

Where: Look for the red sign, white diamond with the red “M”

Best buy:  The T-10 ticket. Ten rides for around 10 euros. Note that you cannot buy metro tickets on the bus, but you can use your metro ticket to ride the bus. Buy your metro ticket in the station.

Web: Read up on riding the metro and prices here –

7 Responses

  1. Calgary Fiat says:

    I would love to try the Barcelona Transportation Metro underground trains if only to try the sugar coated almost and their great tasting coffee :)

  2. admin says:

    we do have great cafe here!

  3. Wow…what an exciting ride at the Barcelona Transportation Metro. I always connote Barcelona with matadors and wild bull fights. I see myself running from a stampede with those cattle. Of course, like you, I would like to keep my limbs intact.

  4. Jessica says:

    I’ve never tried the coffee in the Metro, I’ll have to buy some next time.

    And the real best buy is the ticket for retirees, which I think is under €4 for 10 trips. The targeta rosa is the best, assuming they never ask to see your ticket. :)

  5. Edward Terry says:

    Anybody got advice for 2 seniors fm Chicago coming to Barcelona in late October>

  6. admin says:


    Mostly, to keep a hold of your bags, get the T-10 Metro card, and to have a great time! The Metro is safe, just beware of pickpockets.

  7. admin says:

    Yes, or the T-10 metro ticket. The 50/30 ticket is good if you’re in town a longer time – it’s the one I get.


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