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By Nancy Todd                                 Comments by:   The Blogdog

I love jazz.  Especially the old smaltzy tunes where the women are co-dependant, the man got away, can’t give you anything but love, too dam hot, come dance with me, fly me to the moon.    I saw Ella perform and wept.  She is the best.

Big names are tootin’  horns and banging drums for the Barcelona arts scene.  The Pat Metheny Trio, The Pepper Pots, Trombone Shorty, LIttle Sister, and the Suitcase Brothers to name a few.   So set ‘em up joe, cuz thousands are coming out for the 43 Annual Voll-Damm International Jazz Festival in Barcelona.  Held in venues throughout the city, prices vary.   Bring your dancin’ shoes.  October 20 – December 1.    Baby, it’s cold outside.  Let’s fall in love.

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Jazz in Barcelona

Negu, The Blogdog comments:  “My favorite dog song is Black Dog by Led Zeppelin.  They don’t write ‘em like they used to.”

What is your favorite kind of jazz?  Please comment in the comment box.



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