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Easter in Spain : 2- 8 of April 2012

By Nancy Todd                                    Comments by:  The Blogdog

Ancient, strange Easter (Semana Santa) Parades: Holding candles, thousands of people line the streets in many cities in Madrid, Granada, Seville, etc.  to watch Semana Santa processions.  People with tall pointed black, white or purple hoods walk slowly through the hushed streets.   Especially elaborate in Southern Spain,  these Easter processions celebrate the death and rebirth of Christ. I have seen grandstands  and white plastic chairs set up in Seville along the streets for this special event, many of which are for sale.  Similiar to the world series.  A good money maker for the Catholic Church, like they need it.  Hotels fill months in advance so it is wise to book your holidays to Spain as early as possible. 

Holy Figures: History in Spain is played out  with centuries old rituals as holy figures are carried to cathedrals by men in brotherhood societies.   These coastalers wear shoulder pads to carry the heavy, ancient wooden figures which are dressed in brocades and silks.  Onlookers view silently and weep;  I am assuming with penitence.  Some processions continue through the night.  I have watched with awe and frankly find the whole thing weird and without joy.  Ok, Christ died, and he had many good lessons.  Why not emphasize the positive stuff?

Fashionistas: Men,  the nazarenos, wear black, white or purple robes with tall pointed hoods and slits for eyes – a fashion plate for the Klan.  Eerie yet mesmerizing, something ancient is tapped inside of me at the sight of them.  Garments are  richly embroidered with crosses and other religious symbols.   They walk barefoot to slow, penetrating sounds of drums and coronets.  Hoods are taken off on Sunday to represent that Christ has risen.

Rain Dates: If it rains, the processions are canceled and no rain date in rescheduled.  Seville, Toledo, Malaga, and Granada are cities with well known processions.  Your Scoopettes like strange stuff.  We find many Semanta Santa events wonderfully odd and another reason why we love living in Spain.

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Comments by The Blogdog:  “Dahling, no stupid hood for me when I walk in the parade.  It will mess up my hairdo.”





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