I Scream For Ice Cream

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By Nancy Todd

You scream for ice cream.  We all scream for ice cream.   Summer is here and The Scoop is that eating ice cream is another great custom in the food culture of Spain.

My friend Ronna, here from Asheville, made ice cream a custom in Spain!

A small wagon next to the Fine Arts Museum in Bilboa sells cones and cups.  People line up at the fancy gelato store on Cathedral Plaza in Barcelona.  The old Moorish neighborhood of Albazin in Granada has  ice cream stores.  Bakeries and bars wheel out their refrigerated cases and place them by their front doors in the summer.

Many countries claim to have invented ice cream:  Italy, China, the U.S., France, etc.  I really don’t care who invented it.  I just care that I snarf it down.

Bring on the 'helado'!

Bring on the 'helado'!

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are said to have served ice cream.  In 1851, Jacob Fussel in Baltimore created  the first plant to commercially produce ice cream, scoop and all.  Enjoy the ice cream in Spain.  Tapas or ice cream?  Mmmmm, tough call.  Regina and I have both, several times a week.

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Let us know your favorite ice cream stores in Spain.


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