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Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza, Spain

By Nancy Todd

Yes, The Scoopettes love the islands off the coast of Spain. The island of Ibiza, internationally known for it’s notorious clubbing holidays,  attracts thousands of tourists who travel in Spain and love to party down.  Ibiza Town, the island’s capital and Sant Antoni on the west coast have people shakin’ it all night long.  Clubbing isn’t all that’s boogeying here.  Ibiza has some of the cleanest beaches in the Mediterranean, rocky mountains, beautiful desolate countryside, and quaint villages.  Here’s  The Scoop on life beyond the clubbing scene.

1.  Ride like the wind on mountain bikes through the island of Ibiza olive groves, up rocky mountains, down ancient lanes, along trails that edge the Mediterranean Sea.  Ibiza Mountain Bikes will give you gear, rent you bikes and even arrange inns for you for an extended ride.

2.  Dive in warm, clear waters on over 150 miles of coastline.    Many excellent diving schools are located around the island for amaters and pros.  Wreck and cave dives available.

3. Rent some wheels, as in cars on Ibiza Island.  It is only 27 miles long and 14 miles wide.  Secret coves, spectacular views and villages are there to explore.  Head to the highest point in San Jose.

4.   Sail, jet ski, windsurf, para sailing.  It is all there in Ibiza.  No thanks to the para sailing for me.  Gotta keep my feet on the ground.  Several sailing schools are located around the island.  Cala Pada, Playa d’en Bossa, Las Salinas.

5.  Shop at the Hippy Markets for tie dye, hand made clothing, cool jewelry.  Some of the stuff for sale is made on the island of Ibiza but most is imported.  Good prices.  In the 60′s, many hippies moved to Ibiza.  I thought they all moved to Berkley and Asheville.  Check out the largest markets on Saturday night in San Carlos and Wednesday in Es Cana.  Music, food, great people watching.

6.  Photo ops all over the island and for the more unusual ones Las Salinas Salt Flats, especially at sunset, is a beauty.  On the southern tip of the island, sparkling salt fields  could be an photographer’s challenge.   Salt has been harvested here for over 2,000 years and was called ‘white gold.’

7.  Cleanse, hoot and hollerSan Juan Festival in the village of San Juan.  The festival is a pagan holiday that the Catholic Church has put it’s name on.  Fireworks, partying all night, and burning  pieces of paper with things you want to get rid of…bad energy.  Then jump over the fire three times and you are renewed.  June 23….summer solstice celebration.  I like the small fires for the jumping.

8.  Caving anyone? I have been caving in Mexico and Belize.  It gives me the creeps yet I am fascinated.  Can Marca Caves, with a multi lingual guide, stalagmites of course and their sisters the stalactites all with a music and light show.  This couldn’t be too creepy with music and lights.

Let The Spain Scoop know about your trips to islands in Spain!

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