Scoopometer 10: Hot Tapas, Hot Men – Seville

Tapas Bar

Seville Restaurants for Hot Tapas

 By Nancy Todd                       

Taking center stage, were the waiters who were hunks. Green eyes and long eyelashes prevailed in Southern Spain. The waiting crowds mooshed through all available aisles, the servers pirouetting with ease. The main man in the show had a sleek black pony tail and I am sure was a flamenco dancer by night. With a hot dancer’s body, this star gracefully flitted through the crowds carrying trays of food.  No, I didn’ have my camera with me.  Damn. 

Something about Spanish it those long lashes?

Tapas in southern Spain are the best! Portions are large, one and one half tapas is a dinner for me, and inexpensive. Most run two to three euros a piece. One of the most popular tapas restaurants in Seville is right off the Cathedral Plaza, Cerveceria Girald, which was built on top of an Arab bathouse. Entering this crowded restaurant, one smells cooking seafood that said, “This is worth the wait.”  Once I was seated, as tradition has it in Spain, you also wait a long time for a server to take your order. No problem here.

I overate, not being able to resist the choices. Also on stage were Patatas Don Miquel-hot boiled potatos resting in olive oil, a rich garlic sauce on top.  Laying across the sauce were slivers of salmon and strips of red roasted peppers.  I ate Berenjenas Tapades, eggplant with béchamel sauce.Mushrooms stuffed with meat and a tomato marmalade.  And of course a glass of white wine.  Tapas were a bit more expensive here, three to four euros.

Want more tapa tips in Seville? See local Fiona’s faves here: Seville Tapas

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