Get Your Copy Of The Barcelona Scoop – 7 Amazing Days

Get The Barcelona Scoop guidebook!

Get The Barcelona Scoop guidebook!

By the Scoopettes

It’s here! Get your copy of The Barcelona Scoop, our new mini guide to seven amazing days in the city.

Why you need The Barcelona Scoop:

Barcelona’s population hovers around two million people with around eight million tourists visiting each year. Gaudí’s psychedelic buildings beckon, as do Mediterranean beaches, and excellent food and wine. Shopping, art museums, and a buzzing nightlife scene are here, waiting to be enjoyed.

The metropolis can be overwhelming and challenging to organize into manageable days, especially for newcomers.

Let us do it for you. Our Barcelona Scoop gives you insider tips on the best way to spend a week in Barcelona and see facets of the city that many tourists never experience.

We know Barcelona and we keep things simple. We’ve broken the city into user-friendly nuggets to help you plan your time efficiently and experience as much as possible.

The Barcelona Scoop gives you a game plan, ranking sights and experiences by order of importance while highlighting our personal favorites.

You’re the boss. Do your own thing. Mix and match. Break the rules. Or follow The Barcelona Scoop day by day, down to the letter. Do whatever works for you. And most of all, keep your eyes and ears open for surprises—a medieval band clanging down narrow streets, an egg vendor hawking farm-fresh wares, buskers playing flamenco—let yourself be sidetracked and have fun!

***What you get for $7.00

Each day’s itinerary includes:

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bar stops.
  • Sights, tours, and experiences.
  • Shopping tips.
  • Nightlife and entertainment suggestions.

Bonus information on:

  • Airport and transportation.
  • Safety.
  • Food and eating out.
  • Advice for women travelers.
  • Hotels and accommodations.
  • Day-trips by car and train.
  • Photos of Barcelona

***How to buy it:

Right now The Barcelona Scoop is out on Not familiar with Sellfy? It’s super easy. Click on the link below and check out through Sellfy. The guidebook will be sent to you in a PDF meaning you can read it on a computer, tablet, or even on your phone. Since the guidebook is in a PDF you can also print it out, or just print out sections of it.

Buy now:

***The best bet:

Get The Barcelona Scoop – 7 Amazing Days  and Eat Guides Barcelona  for an epic trip to the city. The Barcelona Scoop covers visitor basics, while Eat Guides gives in-depth info on food and drink in the Catalan capital.


Questions about The Barcelona Scoop? Leave us a message in the comments section or send us an email at


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